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Kemi Tourism Ltd. sells, markets and operates Lapland’s long-term tourism experiences. Sampo’s icebreaker cruises bring tourists to Kemi every winter from different parts of the world. The versatile services of the SnowCastle area are available all year round, from glass villas to restaurant services, and from the snow and ice experience space to the Winter Park.

We are looking for employees for sales services as well as cleaning and kitchen work to join our lively team. The tourism industry is an ever-changing industry that offers interesting and varied working days, sometimes working on something new and wonderful, while on the other hand, working on a certain routine process. Employees are required to have flexibility, energy, cheerfulness and humor. The most important thing is that you understand the customer and work together with your co-workers, enabling a good experience for the customer and an opportunity for the company to shine.

In most jobs, the motivation to get a job and learn new things is key. For some of the positions, studies in the field are desired, but we also have open jobs where you can get a job even without education or experience. Whether you are already a more experienced con artist or just at the beginning of your career, submit an application.

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