Welcome to the circus!

The SnowExperience365 indoor exhibition is open for visitors all-year-round.
Step into a winter wonderland any day of the year. Walk on the snowy floors and admire the amazing ice sculptures. The ice sculptures’ theme changes every winter; this year’s theme is the circus. Have fun in the ice slide, sit by the ice tables in a restaurant built entirely from ice.


Opening times

Please note: The traditional outdoor SnowCastle is open from mid-January to mid-April. The SnowExperience365 indoor exhibition is open all-year-round.


Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00
Sat 9:00-20:00
Main building 1st floor 

Changes in opening hours are possible on Finnish national holidays or according to regulations placed by local authorities.


SnowExperience365 indoor exhibition
Day ticket €10.00 adults / €5.00 children

Guided tours

Guided tours of the SnowCastle Resort available on request. Make your enquiry through our sales office [email protected] or +358 16 258 878.

SnowCastle history exhibition

A small exhibition highlighting special moments from the history of the Kemi SnowCastle is open in the lobby of the SnowCastle area main building. Come and see what was 1996 worlds biggest SnowCastle like or take a look at our 2011 comic book themed SnowCastle. Entry free of charge.

Traditional outdoor SnowCastle

The yearly outdoor SnowCastle has been built in Kemi ever since 1996.

Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale

Enjoy Sea Lapland delicacies with a modern arctic taste.

Seaside Glass Villas

Be one with nature with a hint of luxury. The award-winning villas are a perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation. The large windows and skylight offer a breathtaking sea and sky view.

Snowman moves to the city of Kemi

A snowman is in everyone’s yard, but do you know where the snowman’s home is? We tried to find out where the Snowman’s homestead is, but we were not able to find the answer. The Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi, that much is clear, we guess. So, we decided to give the snowman a home and a home town. Read the whole annoucement here.

Welcome to Kemi, the city of snow and ice!


Contact information

Lumilinnankatu 15, 94100 Kemi
+358 16 258 878
[email protected]rience365.fi