Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale

We are passionate about food and Lumihiutale Seaview Restaurant is a proof of that!
Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale introduces constantly new menus with a Modern Arctic Taste, focusing on the local fresh seasonal tastes made from local ingredients.

We guarantee the best sea view in Finnish Lapland. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise at breakfast time and breathtaking sunset at dinner. The light changes with the season, from summer midnight sun to the starlit sky of the polar night. You might even get a glimpse of the northern lights! Our terrace is open from spring to late autumn.

Opening times

Restaurant and seaview terrace open
4.6.2021 Fri-Sat 14:00-22:00
29.6.2021 onwards Tue-Sat 12:00-21:00
the kitchen is open until half an hour before closing time

Lounge menu

Enjoy the summer on our sun terrace with some light snacks that go perfectly with a cold drink. Our street food inspired lounge menu is served from 4.6.2021 to 19.6.2021



Lentils, red onion, cucumber, tomato, melon, avocado, corn and olives with topping and dressing of choice

Chicken, cold smoked salmon, shrimp or mozzarella cheese

Chicken, cold smoked salmon, shrimp or mozzarella cheese


Shrimp toast


Toasted white bread, shrimp, mayo and hard boiled egg


Smoked salmon bagel


Bagel, cold smoked salmon, pickled red onion, dill pickle mayo and salad


Lumihiutale Club Sandwich


Pan toasted sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and spicy chili mayo


Flatbread hot dog


Finnish flatbread, Finnish artisan sausage, dill pickle mayo, pickled red onion, pickled cabbage and fried onions


Sausage platter


A selection of artisan sausages, pickled cabbage and garlic mayo


Fried Chicken


Boneless chicken wings with spicy chili mayo


Steak fries with dipping sauce

(GF) = gluten-free (LL) = low-lactose (DF) = dairy-free
We will happily modify any dish to fit your personal dietary needs.

À la carte menu

Our new summer à la carte list will be available from 29.6.2021 onwards



Pickled herring, new potatoes and sour cream (LF)

Wild mushroom soup, air-dried cured beef and Västerbotten cheese (LF,GF)

Burrata cheese with tomatoes, basil sorbet and brioche (LL)



Falafel with risotto verde and tomato-garlic vinaigrette (DF,GF)

Catch of the day with brown butter sauce and seasonal vegetables (LF,GF)

Chicken, risotto verde and beetroot (LF,GF)

Crispy caramelised pork, cabbage, apple and new potatoes (MF,GF)

Sirloin steak with a tomato-garlic vinaigrette and steak fries (MF,GF)



Chocolate pudding with mixed nut cake and rhubarb (LF,GF)

Cloudberry parfait with salted caramel and spruce sprout (LF,GF)



Crispy chicken with steak fries

Meatballs and hot dogs with steak fries

Flatbread hot dog with steak fries

(GF) = gluten-free (LL) = low-lactose (LF) = lactose-free (DF) = dairy-free
We will happily modify any dish to fit your personal dietary needs.

The coolest M&E facilities

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays with us. Four private cabinets available. Our spacious restaurant enables keeping a safe distance. Our team will help you organize the most inspirational workshops and innovative meetings! 

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Two sauna rooms with a connected lounge and private terrace available for groups. Sauna snacks and drinks provided by the Seaview Restaurant. Sea Lapland Day spa offers relaxing massages and treatment packages.

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