Guided tours available

Guided tours are available on Sampo in autumn and winter.

Ice floating available

Experience365 Floating programme available in the SnowCastle Resort when Sampo is not cruising

SnowCastle Resort is open

SnowCastle Resort with ice floating, SnowExperience365, Seaside Glass Villas and more open 365

With heavy hearts we have been forced to cancel this winter´s December and January cruises. We are still planning on cruising in Feb-Abril. Please contact us directly to make a booking or discuss changes or cancellations according to your booking. Our office is open Mon-Sat at 10-18 and we handle all service requests as soon as possible via [email protected] 

We do offer guided tours on Sampo in autumn and all winter season. Ice floating is available in the SnowCastle Resort. 


Information about ship

Built in 1960 in Helsinki

Service record: Finnish state-owned icebreaker 1961-1987

Homeport: Ajos, Kemi

Capacity: 180

Largest room: 92 seats







Souvenir shop

Free WiFi

Guided tours in multiple languages


Transportation from Rovaniemi and Kemi

Combine with snowmobile safari on sea ice


Available from December to April

Ice floating

Buffet lunch (4h cruise)

Meet the captain at command deck


Participation diploma


Schedule: 3 h 9-12, 14-17, 4 h: 13-17

Enhance your experience and book a luxury package for your cruise

Technical information


Length: 74,68 m


Beam: 17,4 m


Height: 31 m


Draught: 6,8 m

Decks: 7

Displacement: 3540 tonnes

Speed: 16 knots

Power capacity: 6000kW

Icebreaking capacity: 120 cm, 1A Super


1st floor
92 seats

Icebreaker bar

2nd floor
74 seats

Captains saloon

3rd floor
19 seats

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