One of the main attractions in Kemi, a small city by the sea in Lapland, is the SnowCastle, which is now open all-year-round. The construction work from snow and ice continues still as the annually built castle has risen on the SnowCastle Resort`s yard for the 25th time. This castle is open from Mid-January until Mid-April introducing the world famous SnowRestaurant, SnowHotel and -Chapel. Due to the mild temperatures in December and early January we were not able to build all hotel rooms in time, but we have open five SnowHotel showrooms for all to visit. Additionally the Resort offers year-round accommodation, restaurant, wellness and activity services. Activities vary from midnight sun sailing to Icebreaker Cruises. Multiple World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner Seaside Glass Villas are also located here offering their guests the entrance to the SnowExperience365. This attraction is open daily in every season and includes the 74-seat IceRestaurant376, ice sculptures, ice slide etc.  

Windows to the green future

The theme for the winter’s SnowCastle changes annually and this upcoming year 2020 Kemi looks at the future, and the future in Kemi looks greener. Kemi is the first city in mainland Finland to get the ISO140001 environmental certificate. We are creating a new city: cleaner, healthier, sustainable, economically balanced and decarbonized city; a city that follows the guidelines of the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 will by the end of this decade have a solid environmental policy and programme. This company is owned by the city and concentrates on developing unique experiences from sea, snow and ice to their guests from all over the world.  SnowCastle Resort uses both heat and cold from the ground to produce energy and there is the biggest solar power plant in Lapland on the rooftop of the main building. We concentrate on the environmental issues and ecological tourism development and want to point these issues out when introducing our SnowCastle to the guests, Theme for the SnowCastle 2020 is Windows to the future.

Experience Kemi 365

SnowCastle of Kemi has been built annually since 1996. Once the world`s biggest SnowCastle is now open 365 days a year. SnowCastle Resort with snow&ice attractions, restaurant services, adventurous accommodation and activities offers unique experiences in arctic surroundings. Resort is located by the sea in Lapland. The sea freezes over during winter months and then the Icebreaker Sampo cruises the frozen seas. Autumn time is the best season for autumn colours and Northern Lights. In summer the sun never sets offering 24-hour daylight and world´s purest air.  More info from