Who we are

Kemi Tourism Ltd is a strong and courageous tourism company owned by the City of Kemi. We operate, sell and market a wide range of restaurant, conference, café and adventure services throughout the year in the SnowCastle area. Our accommodation services, Seaside Glass Villas, which are located at the SnowCastle area, are one of a kind. We are also responsible for the world-famous Icebreaker Sampo cruises and Adventure Island services.


Our main goal is to produce unique and Lapland´s best experiences to our visitors, every day of the year, in every Experience365 service encounter. We invite you to Kemi and promise to be great hosts, we are here to make your experience the most memorable! Experience365 – team operates in a dynamic, fast-paced and open working environment owning a positive and energetic working attitude. We enjoy challenging ourselves for great results and inspire others to successful work. We are open-minded and courageous business performers within the ever-growing international travel adventure-experience field.

Our Values

We value the northern values ​​and the best traditions of our region. The spirit of Sea Lapland, the surrounding nature, diversity and hospitality are part of every encounter, every day of the year. We are passionate about our work – bringing joy and value to our customers, co-workers, partners and owners.

Sampo floating

Media and PR

We are happy to collaborate with the media. Please contact Noora Barria for arrangements and information [email protected].

Here is alink to our promotion pictures and videos. You can use them when promoting, marketing and selling service in Kemi, Finland.

Where we are


Arctic Kemi – all year round

The Arctic has been often considered to be cold, snowy and icy, however, the arctic also has its own pace of season changes, each offers us different vibes at different times of the year. The arctic as a concept contains much more though; it is the core of nature in Lapland, the essence of the character of its people. The Arctic means a bunch of wonderful things, original opposites. In winter you’ll see abundant snow, ice and experience the dark and cold polar nights, in summer, you can enjoy the midnight sunshine and the nightless night. In autumn the leaves change colour from summer green to a wonderful mix of yellows, oranges and reds that we call “Ruska” in Finnish. The sun starts shining again in springtime, even though there is still thick snow on the ground, which makes it extremely bright when the sun shines.

Kemi locates in Sea Lapland

Lapland is covered vastly by forests, the more north you go, the landscape changes, with hills showing up. As we are the southernmost city of Lapland and we are situated at the Bothnian Bay the sea is our unique resource that enables a variety of activities on the sea – and the sea freezes over from December to April. Due to this excellence in location, we offer our visitors experiences that elsewhere in Lapland couldn’t.

Easy to arrive!

It takes only 1,5 hour by plane from Helsinki to Kemi.  Kemi Airport locates 6 minutes driving distance from the city centre. Also, airports in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Luleå are just a 1,5-2 hour drive away. The train operates every day from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi via Kemi.  It takes only 1 hour from Oulu and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Rovaniemi to Kemi. You can drive to Kemi in 1,5 hours from the Arctic Circle and in 20 minutes you have crossed the border to Sweden! Welcome to Kemi – we are ready to surprise you!

What we offer

We offer unforgettable experiences every day of the year. We want to make your visit a memorable one, whether it is dinner at a restaurant, a visit to SnowExperience365, a cruise to Sampo or a meeting or celebration at the SnowCastle. We focus on providing an original, local and adventurous taste experiences as well as snow and ice experiences throughout the year at our locations.

Seafront Summer

SnowCastle area

The Kemi SnowCastle area offers all-year-round snow and ice experiences. Step into a winter wonderland any day of the year inside the SnowExperience365 with an all-year-round ice restaurant. The Seaside Glass Villas offer a breathtaking sea view any time of the year. Restaurant, sauna and meeting services avalaible.

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Icebreaker Sampo

Icebreaker Sampo offers the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic sea and an incredible icebreaking adventure with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice. Sampo is like a moving museum retaining its original form from the 1960’s as closely as possible.  The atmospheric restaurants are the heart of the steel giant.

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