Kemi Tourism Ltd.


Who we are

Kemi Tourism Ltd is a strong and courageous tourism company owned by the City of Kemi. We operate, sell and market a wide range of restaurant, conference, café and adventure services throughout the year in the SnowCastle area. Our accommodation services, Seaside Glass Villas, which are located at the SnowCastle area, are one of a kind. We are also responsible for the world-famous Icebreaker Sampo cruises and Adventure Island services.


Our main goal is to produce unique and Lapland´s best experiences to our visitors, every day of the year, in every Experience365 service encounter. We invite you to Kemi and promise to be great hosts, we are here to make your experience the most memorable! Experience365 – team operates in dynamic, fast-paced and open working environment owning a positive and energetic working attitude. We enjoy challenging ourselves for great results and inspire others to successful work. We are open-minded and courageous business performers within the ever-growing international travel adventure-experience field.

Our Values

We value the northern values ​​and the best traditions of our region. The spirit of Sea Lapland, the surrounding nature, diversity and hospitality are part of every encounter, every day of the year. We are passionate about our work – bringing joy and value to our customers, co-workers, partners and owners.

Where we are

Arctic Kemi – all year round
Arctic has been often considered to be cold, snowy and icy, however, arctic also has its own pace of season changes, each offers us different vibes in different times of the year. The arctic, as concept, contains much more though; it is the core of the nature in Lapland, the essence of the character of its people. Arctic means a bunch of wonderful things, original opposites. In winter you’ll see abundant snow, ice and experience the dark and cold polar nights, in summer, you can enjoy the midnight sunshine and the nightless night. In autumn, leaf colour changes from summer green to what we call “Ruska” in Finnish, sun starts shining again in spring time, even though there is still thick snow on the ground, which makes it extremely bright when the sun shines.

Kemi locates in Sea Lapland
Lapland is covered vastly by forests, the more north you go, the landscape changes, with hills showing up. As we are the southernmost city of Lapland and we are situated at the Bothnian Bay the sea is our unique resource that enables a variety of activities on the sea – and the sea freezes over from December to April. Due to this excellence in location, we offer our visitors experience that elsewhere in Lapland couldn’t. 

Easy to arrive!
It takes only 1,5 hour with plane from Helsinki to Kemi.  Kemi Airport locates 6 minutes driving distance from city centre. Also airports in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Luleå are just 1,5-2 hour drive away. Train operates every day from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi via Kemi.  It takes only 1 hour from Oulu and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Rovaniemi to Kemi. You can drive to Kemi in 1,5 hours from Arctic Circle and in 20 minutes you have crossed the border to Sweden! Welcome to Kemi – we are ready to surprise you! 

What we offer

We offer unforgettable experiences every day of the year. We want to make your visit a memorable one, whether it is dinner at a restaurant, a visit to SnowExperience365, a cruise to Sampo or a meeting or celebration at the SnowCastle. We focus on providing an original, local and adventurous taste experiences as well as snow and ice experiences throughout the year at our locations.

Icebreaker Sampo

Icebreaker Sampo offers the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic sea and an incredible icebreaking adventure with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice. Sampo is like a moving museum retaining its original form from the 1960’s as closely as possible.  The atmospheric restaurants are the heart of the steel giant. 

SnowCastle of Kemi

Kemi SnowCastle with award winning SnowHotel and beautiful snow and ice sculptures is built annually from January to April. Award winning SnowRestaurant can also be found in the SnowCastle. You can explore the spectacular SnowHotel rooms during the day and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at the SnowRestaurant, or have a quiet moment in the SnowChapel. 

Seaside Glass Villas

Seaside Glass Villas by the Sea in the Snow Castle area offers unique accommodation with incredible ever changing views of the northern sky. Villa guests can experience snow and ice every day of the year thanks to the year-round SnowCastle365. Seaside Glass Villas are a perfect getaway place for vacation, honeymoon or simply relaxation out of the hectic life.


The year-round IceRestaurant in the SnowExperience365 – amazing ice sculptures and ice breaking moments guaranteed. You can enjoy a unique flavour of Snow & Ice tasting menu at the ice tables and enjoy a drink from handmade Ice Glasses. 


We can now offer our guests snow and ice experiences throughout the year! In our main building, SnowCastle365, you will find restaurant services, including an ice restaurant, and sauna and wellness facilities. The restaurant can also be used for meetings and banquets. There is also a souvenir shop in the main building.

Activities throughout the year

We offer a variety of activities every day of the year; in summer, autumn and winter. Summer and fall activities range from nightless night floating to hiking in the nature. In the winter, we offer unique adventure activities from northern lights safaris to ice-fishing trips.


Since 1982 Lapland Safaris have been working closely with tour operators and travel agencies around the World to bring winter and summer unique experiences in Lapland for their clients.

From the beginning we have been working with groups of all sizes, but keeping in mind that every client is unique, and they all deserve personal experiences. We do arrange services for individual travelers coming to Lapland, and as a matter of fact we have guaranteed departures from 2 participants from most of our winter and summer activities. So, if you are coming just with your couple to discover Lapland, we will provide you with the best activities. Beside our weekly programs with guaranteed departures, we tailor made programs for all kind of groups.


Sea Lapland Safaris is a local safari company in Sea Lapland. Company has been established in December
2016, and our home town is Kemi.

We operate in whole Sea Lapland area year-round, and our staff has specialized the most demanding conditions
on wintry variable ice field of Bothnian Bay and customer-oriented service.
Our clients come round the world and our activities are suitable for groups and individual travelers.
Our versatile product range includes activities for winter and summer seasons; snowmobile safaris, ATV-safaris,
Northern Lights tours, visits the Reindeer Farm, visits the Husky Farm, fishing programs, snowshoe tours, cruises
and boat tours.

Get inspired by our activities!

Sea Lapland Day Spa has been set up to provide beauty and wellness services, as well as unique experiences for locals and visitors in Sea Lapland area. We will bring up a totally new concept into the field, combining tourism and wellness services.

Our range of services you will find treatments by a beautician; all from beauty to wellness, relaxing massages and our self-developed experience treatment packages, where we use elements of our beautiful and varied nature in our area at Sea Lapland. In our treatments, we mainly use Finnish, well-chosen products of the professional series.

Sea Lapland Day Spa offers a great setting for a nice gathering and togetherness. We have four treatment rooms and a salt room at our day spa. In the salt room, there is room for 4-6 persons at the time, but for larger groups, we can go in turns, and the other group can in the meantime enjoy our other spa treatments or massages.

Welcome to enjoy our pampering treatments, we are here for You.

Lapponia products are inspired by the magical arctic nature of Finnish Lapland, its changing seasons, midnight sun, northern lights, freshness of water springs and strong spirit of local people. Lapland has its own, unique magic which you can feel with all your five senses.

Christmas in Lapland is a thing everyone should experience at least once in their life. Soft snowdrifts, snow crunching under your boots, smoke coming up from sauna chimneys and jingle bells on reindeer, jingling all the way. This is another source of inspiration for our traditional products.

We focus on working with environmentally friendly, natural materials and sustainable production. We have been offering high quality clothes and accessories since 1993. Our products are supplied to souvenir shops across Europe. We also participate in market events in Finland and abroad.