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We understand that you may have doubts when booking your next trip due to the COVID-19.  Do not worry, book safely with us in our web shop. If you will not be able to travel because of the COVID-19, we will rearrange your services with us. Please check our updated terms and conditions here.

Currently we are still closed at the SnowCastle Resort but ready and prepared to open some of the services in July. We also are following the instructions and restrictions given by the officials and operate accordingly. We will open with thoroughly considered hygiene measures. We in Experience365 promise to protect tourists and workforce, while respecting public health rules and physical distancing measures. We promise that everything possible has been done to ensure that our visitors and staff will be as safe as possible. We will do our best to enable our guests to enjoy a restful and above all, safe holiday. Please read the practical information for travelers to Finland during Corona pandemic. 

Book your stay in our Seaside Glass Villas. They are available since 1.7.2020. Our Glass Villas in the SnowCastle Resort are all private with a private and separate entrance from outdoors. You can enjoy your stay admiring the sea view from your bed. Your breakfast will be delivered to your villa already before you check in, so you can sleep late and prepare your own breakfast in the morning whenever it suits you the best. You can step outdoors and breath in the pure and fresh sea air, enjoy the peace and quiet. The villas are situated by the sea and allow you to explore the surroundings easily by walking. The city centre, parks and old harbour are just a short walking distance away. Visit in the SnowExperience365 is included to your stay. This is a combination that cannot be found elsewhere! Book you stay with us now and if you will not be able to travel because of the COVID-19, we will rearrange your services.

Kemi is a small city by the sea and never crowded, there is always plenty of space and peace. There is only 20 000 inhabitants, the streets are wide and the city is surrounded by forest and sea.

During the winter months the sea ice freezes over and we provide unique activities on the sea ice. The most known adventure here in Kemi is the Icebreaker Sampo cruise, that we have arranged since 1988. Sampo starts it’s cruise season on 21st of December.

We strive for environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures every day of the year, in everything we do. Check our web page for sustainability and learn more about what we do here to make the tourism more sustainable.

Here in Kemi you can enjoy your holiday without worries. As the slogan here goes – Kemi is all about easy living! As always, we welcome you and promise to take good care of you! More info on the topic here.