Sustainability in our company

Responsibility in year-round tourism

We are creating a new city: cleaner, healthier, sustainable, economically balanced and decarbonized city. Our goal is to provide sustainable tourism services every day of the year.

We concentrate on the environmental issues and ecological tourism development. During the construction phase of the SnowCastle area, we wanted to design sustainable energy solutions for the area and its buildings in a responsible and efficient manner. The company is owned by the city and Kemi is the first city in mainland Finland to receive ISO14001 environmental certification.  

Our SnowCastle area uses both heat and cold from the ground to produce energy and we have the biggest solar power plant in Lapland on the roof top of our main building.  We only use fresh, local ingredients in our culinary services and we use locally produced materials in our design. We also aim to use local workforce in order to minimse pollution caused by work commute.

We are environmentally friendly

We strive for environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures every day of the year, in everything we do. The saving measures are reflected, for example, in the recovery and utilization of waste heat. We also aim to use as little paper as we can in our day-to-day work and encourage our customers to recycle at our premises. Recycling has also been taken into concideration at the outdoor SnowCastle, as the building material comes from the sea and returns to the sea.

Saving water

We are the only service provider in Lapland that offers sea and ice experiences all year round, so naturally water is an important element for us. We aim to use water responsibly in everything we do and encourage our customers to do the same. For example, the cold water from the tap is completely safe to drink, therefore there is no need to use bottled water.  Our water taps are also water saving and our Villa guests can use warm water only for a limited time at once. 

Utilizing local resources

We aim to use local produce and ingredients in our services. When it comes to our culinary services, we always aim to use fresh, local ingredients. Our Villas are made of Finnish logs and we have obtained the interior materials from a local entrepreneur. We try to use as much local labor as possible, which will make traveling within the area shorter. We also work closely with local educational institutions to guide and prepare young people in the area to work and thus secure the local workforce in the future.

Eenergy efficiency at the SnowCastle

The heat used for all the SnowCastle area buildings is generated using geothermal heat. Thus, the heating energy required for the property is generated by geothermal energy. For cooling the premises , we use geo thermal cooling energy.

Largest solar panels in Lapland

We have the largest solar power plant in Lapland. With over 400 panels on the roof and an estimated total power output of 140 kWp, it will produce 100,000 kWh per year. When we generate the electricity using solar panels, we are a self-sufficient energy producer. We also have the facilities to mesure and monitor the production of the solar panels.