Saunas by the sea in Kemi

As an integral part of Finnish culture, the sauna is something you simply must experience when visiting. The sauna is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day. It increases metabolism, improves the blood flow while reducing blood pressure and makes it easier to breathe. Sauna has been considered as a cure for all illnesses from the flu to arthritis. An old Finnish saying goes: if booze, tar, and sauna do not cure your illness, then you probably won’t make it.

SnowCastle365 sauna rooms

Two separate sauna rooms with a connected lounge and private terrace.

SnowQueen sauna 16 people
SnowKing sauna 14 people (fully accessible)
Lounge 22 people, terrace 70 people

One sauna with lounge and terrace 250 € / 4h
Both saunas with lounge and terrace 350 € / 4h
Additional hours 50 €

Seaside Lodge & Hut

Nice and cosy, beautiful yet casual venue with a beautiful seaside view. At this lodge, you can relax by the fireplace, enjoy the pleasures of the covered outdoor terrace and sauna room with hot tub access. Or feel the spirit of Lapland and enjoy also our arctic delicacies in the wooden hut “Kota”. Seaside Lodge doesn’t include kitchen facilities but you can of course order meals and drinks advance from our restaurant.

24 people

Seaside lodge 250 € / 4h, with sauna 300 € / 4h (incl. cleaning, additional hours 50 € / h)
Hot tub 150 €
Towels 6 € / person, towels + sauna towels + slippers 10 € / person

Sauna snacks & drinks

Sauna menu19.80 € / person. Enjoy traditional grilled sausages or a filling casserole in between bathing. Drinks by request. 


Enjoy a cool break inside the -5°C SnowExperience365. Hot drinks in the ice restaurant 10.00 € / person.