Cool break guaranteed in summer´s heat

SnowCastle of Kemi is now open every day of the year. This cool experience attracts visitors from all over the world to adrime the beauty of snow and ice but also to escape the heat. 

Finland might be the perfect destination for summer holiday. The temperatures remain around +20 C and the air is the purest in the world. There is plenty of forest to roam and everymans rights let you enjoy outdoor pursuits regardless of who owns the area. Country of thousand lakes offers unique archipelago and seashore attarctions. Heading up north to the world known winter destination Lapland, you will be surprised what it has to offer in summer and autumn. The sun never sets creating the opportunity to enjoy the midnight sun. From late August you can already admire the Northern Lights. 

Seaside Glass Villas in the small town of Kemi in Sea Lapland are located just by the sea. What makes this hotel unique is that the experience of snow and ice is always included in the stay. The villas are situated in the SnowCastle area with plenty of attractions and services. Meal by the ice tables in the year-round IceRestaurant or Finnish sauna experience with amazing sea view just to name few.

SnowCastle offers the great escape from the heat

Kemi is known for the huge castles made entirely from snow and ice. This attraction has only been available during the winter months but now part of it is open every day of the year. Amazing ice scupltures decorate the fairytale like ice castle with ice bar, restaurant and slide. This SnowExperience365 is located inside the new SnowCastle main building. All services that the travelers can look for are available in this out of the ordinary resort in Finnish Lapland by the sea. In addition to the snow&ice adventures the day spa, saunas, restaurants, coffee shop, ice cream bar, safari companies, water sport centre, souvenir shops, camping and the amazing villas introduce unique experiences in the arctic surroundings. Perfect hideaway for couples, pit stop for bus groups, unique wedding venue and special location for meetings. 

Energy from the sun and earth

It definitely makes one wonder how this grand sized cooler maintains cool in -5 degrees Celsius all-year-round. The city of Kemi follows the guidelines of the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 and will by the end of this decade have a solid environmental policy and programme. SnowCastle Resort has taken into consideration the sustainability. The resort gets part of it´s energy from the sun, as the biggest solar plant in the area is located on the roof of the main building. Other part comes from the resort´s geothermal heating and cooling systems. This is a sustainable and a cost effective way to produce energy. Main building was designed to recycle as much as possible and the waste heat for example is colllected and used to heat the water.

World Class Awards to the SnowCastle Resort

Seaside Glass Villas is a double World Luxury Hotel Global winner and nominee again this month. The SnowHotel operating during winter months has also gained success in the awards and the IceRestaurant365, operating now year-round, is one of the 3 most extra ordinary restaurants where to dine in 2019 by Forbes. SnowCastle Resort is a great destination to be one with nature surrounded by fresh sea water, the sea that freezes over during the winter months. In summer the sea is explored by the traditional sailing yachts or sup boards and kayaks and in winter with Icebreakers and snowmobiles. Stay many nights and relax or stop for a coffee on your way more up north. 

Experience the Arctic Freedom – Sea, Snow and Ice 365 days a year.