Seaside Glass Villas in Kemi, Finland is awardad as a global winner in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018 in Bali. Villas are the winner in the category called Luxury Adventure Destination. Villas are a unique accommodation and experience not only because of the their special qualities but also due to the location. As opposed to all other hotels these villas are situated on the shores of the sea that freezes over during winter. “There are not too many places in the world where the sea stays frozen half the year, and the ice-covered sea is within a walking distance from the city centre offerinf various adventures to the visitors around the world. During the other seasons the visitors can enjoy the midnight sun, purest air in the world, autumn coulours and unique nature in Sea Lapland,” tells Susanna Koutonen, the Chief Executive of the Experience365 / Kemi Tourism Ltd. “We are really grateful and excited about this award!” she continues. Company is in charge of the SnowCastle Resort with Seaside Glass Villas in Kemi. In addition to the Kemi SnowCastle the city has gained great recognition for its Icebreaker Cruises. By now for over thirty years the Icebreaker Sampo has provided unforgettable and unique icebreaking cruises for travellers from 60 different countries. 

Snow&ice experience available all-year-round

Villas are also situated in the SnowCastle Resort where during the winter months stands a huge castle solely made from snow and ice. Inside the shimmering snow walls is located also the World Luxury Hotel Winner, the SnowHotel. 

Villas are a Finnish design and constructed nearby the City of Kemi. They are mainly made of glass, including the roof. The guests can lie comfortable in the bed and observe the starry sky and the Northern lights through the roof. In early 2019 the new main building will be opened in the SnowCastle Resort. There travellers from around the world can experience the adventure of snow and ice both in the winter as well as in the summer. One can enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner by the ice table in the middle of summer! In addition to the all-year-round SnowExperience the building offers various restaurant and wellness services. “We guarantee the coolest M&E facilities and help you organize the most inspirational workshops and innovative meetings as well as celebrations!” explains the Sales Director Tomi Sipola from Experience365.

Hotels of quality service awarded by World Luxury Hotel Awards

The World Luxury Hotel Gala was celebrated the 12th time, this time in Bali. Quality hotels providing excellent service are awarded annually. The World Luxury Hotel Award is given in ten different categories of hotels providing quality services worldwide. The hotel is selected to the contest by customer suggestions. After the acceptance for the contest, the hotels are voted on the World Luxury Hotel web pages.

Many World-class Awards to Kemi SnowCastle Resort

The Kemi SnowCastle Resort has received manifold recognition as a unique tourist adventure destination. SnowHotel has won the World Luxury Hotel Award as a unique luxury overnight stay adventure on a Global level, as on the other hand the SnowRestaurant has been awarded for a unique restaurant experience on a Continental level. And the Seaside Glass Villas, operating now almost two years, brought already the third award to Kemi on a Global level. ”Experience365 with it´s unique adventures combining the elements of the sea, snow and ice adventures in Finnish Lapakdn continues developing the services and welcomes visitors now every day of the year to Kemi.