Awards Gala held in Finnish Lapland for the first time

Finnish Lapland hosted the 13th World Luxury Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony this Saturday, 13th of October 2019. The best of the best in luxury accommodation met to network and be rewarded in one of the most prestigious industry events in Rovaniemi, Arctic Tree House Hotel and Santa Park. Seaside Glass Villas was rewarded as Luxury Advenutre Destination once again. Villas are located in Kemi, Sea Lapland that locates about 1,5 hour drive away from the Arctic Circle. 

”The excellent contribution of the whole personnel is rewarded, I am grateful to all the votes,” delights Susanna Koutonen, the Chief Executive of the Kemi Tourism Ltd. ”We have listened to our customers, and developed our service concept SMILE365 accordingly. We want to surprise our guests and offer unique adventures combining the elements of the sea, snow and ice, every day of the year. We are also very pleased to welcome our collegues from the hotel industry to visit the happiest country in the world and the unique surroundings in Lapland,” Koutonen continues. 

City known from the SnowCastle and Icebreaker Sampo

Kemi Tourism Ltd. introduces it´s unique services on a name Experience365 in Kemi. Arctic experiences are offered from sea, snow and ice every day of the year. The SnowCastle Resort is a home for the villas as well as for the famous SnowCastle with SnowHotel, where everything is made solely from snow and ice. The IceRestaurant365 with ice tables is open daily as well as the Lumihiutale Seaview Restaurant introducing the Modern Arctic Tastes. Activities are availbale from Midnight Sun cruises to Aurora floating and Icebreaker Sampo cruises. 

Lappish Luxury interest the industry

This was the first time the World Luxury Hotel Awards gala was held in Northern Europe. The Executive Director of Visit Finland, Mr. Paavo Virkkunen, is pleased. ”This gives a welcome lift and well-earned global awareness to the luxury accommodation industry in Finland,” he assures. Experience Director Noora Barria from Experience365 and Seaside Glass Villas explaines that the luxury in lapland is unique, different what the rest of the wordl introduces as luxury. We offer peace and quite, time to unwind and to be one with nature. In Kemi we call it arctic freedom. Arctic is the core of the nature in Lapland, the essence of the character of its people. Arctic means a bunch of wonderful things, original opposites and the clear change in seasons is of course one of them. We are known as an amazing winter destination with arctic experiences, now we want to introduce people the Arctic summer and autumn time as well with midnight sun and Northern lights and autumn colours. 

SnowCastle Resort and Experience365 have gained a lot of recognation

Seaside Glass Villas have been rewarded several times in World Luxury Hotel Awards. The Kemi SnowCastle complex has received manifold recognition as a unique tourist adventure destination. SnowHotel has won the World Luxury Hotel Global Award, the SnowRestaurant was awarded for a unique restaurant experience on a Continental level. Restaurant is also one of the three extraordinary restaurants to visit in 2019 by Forbes. The company itself has been rewarded nationally in tourism industry several times. Kemi has declared ”Green Kemi” operation model as part of the city’s strategy. The city has started a new journey towards a greener and more sustainable city. Kemi is a city that follows the guidelines of the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 and will by the end of this decade have a solid environmental policy and programme. Kemi is also known being the centre of circular economy.

World Luxury Hotel Awards info:

Established in 2006, The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a global organization that recognizes and awards luxury hotels, spas and restaurants for outstanding achievement. Every year, the Awards are handed out in a gala event that gathers together the key players in the luxury accommodation industry to celebrate exceptional achievement and to network and forge new opportunities.