Arctic Wellness

Our services will be available again in autumn and winter 2020/2021. We monitor the situation closely and inform of the possible changes.

As an integral part of Finnish culture, the sauna is something you simply must experience when visiting. The sauna is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day. It increases metabolism, improves the blood flow while reducing blood pressure and makes it easier to breathe. Sauna has been considered as a cure for all illnesses from the flu to arthritis. An old Finnish saying goes: if booze, tar, and sauna do not cure your illness, then you probably won’t make it.



Seaside lodge & hut

15-30 people


Full liquor licence


Hot tub

Seaside Hut

Nice and cosy, beautiful yet casual venue with a beautiful seaside view. At this lodge, you can relax by the fireplace, enjoy the pleasures of the covered outdoor terrace and sauna room with jacuzzi access. Feel the spirit of Lapland and enjoy our arctic delicacies in the wooden hut “Kota”.

Arctic adventure island

20-40 people


Full liquor licence

Arctic Island Hut

3 Saunas

Outdoor Hot Tub

The Arctic Adventure Island offers a great possibility to experience the local nature and wildlife. The island offers the perfect spot for Aurora Hunting in the autumn and winter months. The fresh clean air and old woods in the forest create a lovely surrounding for wandering around before warming up by the fire in the Lappish hut with a gorgeous sea view.

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Service recommendation

Summer and Autumn Activities

We offer amazing outdoor activities for summer and autumn seasons. Check out now!

Seaside Glass Villas

Stay a night for an incredible view all year round through the glass roof and huge windows to admire the sky’s exclusive colors, starry northern sky.

Ice Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious hot 3-course meal by the ice tables. Cheers with hand made ice glasses in ´- 5 degrees Celsius even in the middle of the summer.

Sea Lapland Day Spa

Sea Lapland Day Spa  treatmentsmainly use Finnish products of carefully selected professional series. We offer a special, unique experience and the opportunity to choose  which season you want to experience.

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