Paola Suhonen designed snowflake pattern
In the 20th anniversary of Kemi SnowCastle in 2015, the theme of the castle was Finnishness and co-operation with several Finnish actors. The castle was seen among others: Aarikka, Reima and Ivana Helsinki, whose snowflake design is still strongly displayed in the visual appearance of SnowCastle. Kemi Tourism Ltd wanted to raise Finnish design in both SnowCastle premises and products. Paola Suhonen designed a blue and white pattern that was suitable for the Finnishness. Suhonen is a fashion designer, artist, designer, entrepreneur and filmmaker. He is especially known for the Ivana Helsinki clothing brand, which he founded with his sister Pirjo Suhonen in 1998. Ivana Helsinki participated in the Diamond, Stripes and Revolver collection as the only Nordic company and the first Finnish company for the Paris Fashion Week 2017.

Snowflake patterned bedlinen has been used for a long time in a snow hotel. Bed linen sets are still sold at SnowCastle souvenir shop. Snowflake pattern also sees for example Kemi Travel Ltd’s business cards, roadside advertising, marketing material and employee clothing. Stylized scarves, hats and make-up bags at snowflake pattern are also on sale at the castle shop. Kemi Tourism Ltd also commissioned the Iittala coffee cup as a corporate gift with this beautiful figure already familiar with the castle.

New colors for all year round Snow Castle

Now that the castle is open all year round, it was time to refine the snowflake pattern for different seasons. We contacted Pirjo Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki and now we can change our visual look according to the seasons. The spring color is fresh green and reflects the awakening of nature, the moment when the trees come in buds and the lawn begins to green. Summer colors were searched for meadow flowers and autumn colorsfor fall colors, ”says Noora Barria. Pirjo Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki told that even before the co-operation, they had been thinking about Snow Castle as a place to photograph they model. “Like our own collection, LumiLinna also represents Finland, especially in winter Finland, in a modern way. It is a genuine and beautiful, unique business card of Finnishness. ” Pirjo said in 2015. The Snowcastle has often acted, as a shooting place, for both larger international TV groups and different brands. Now the castle can capture the upcoming winter collection, even in the middle of the summer, when SnowExperience365, a year-round snow and ice experience, is open every day.

Snow Castle areas new main building was inaugurated on the 150th anniversary of Kemi on 5.3.2019. There is SnowExperience365 with an award-winning snow restaurant, now called IceRestaurant365. You can now dine at the restaurant’s ice tables every day of the year. Other services in the house include: Lumipallo Ice Cream Bar & Cafe, Restaurant Lumihiutale, meeting rooms, Sauna facilities and program services. From the store you can buy local crafts products from jewelery to honey and woolen socks. “The new pattern of Ivana Helsinki have already been introduced in the menus of the Lumihiutale seaview restaurant and in the marketing of other services of the main building of the SnowCastle area. Otherwise, snow white color is favored in the Snow Castle area, both in Seaside Glass Villas and in new premises. White also very well reflects the light of nature, the variations of which, in one major role, are perceived by senses the atmosphere of the place in different situations ”continues Barria.