The Emergency Legislation set by Finnish Government (takes effect on 18th March) will start closing Finland´s borders and passenger Traffic to and from Finland! Many flights are cancelled, go to the nearest airport to rearrange your return today!

We wish to inform all travelers in our area about these restrictions and exceptional circumstances about the closure of borders!

All travelers kindly rearrange your travel to your home countries now!

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Public gatherings are limited to no more than ten persons, and it is recommend to avoid spending unnecessary time in public places!

  • All national and municipal museums, theatres, the National Opera, cultural venues, libraries, mobile libraries, services for customers and researchers at the National Archives, hobby and leisure centres, swimming pools and other sports facilities, youth centres, clubs, organisations’ meeting rooms, day care services for the elderly, rehabilitative work facilities and workshops will be closed
  • Private and third-sector operators and religious communities are advised to do the same
  • Stay home if you have mild symptoms and seek medical help only if your symptoms are severe (24/7): call before you go to the hospital, Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital 016 243111 
  • If you have mild respiratory tract infection symptoms, such as rhinitis, cough, throat pain, muscle pain, or fever, stay at home to rest and recuperate. Stay home until the symptoms go away.
  • Contact your healthcare provider only if you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or if your overall condition gets worse. In that case, contact your healthcare provider by phone to prevent spreading the disease to others
  • The aim is to ensure that those suffering from severe symptoms are able to receive treatment
  • Avoid contact with others if you have symptoms of respiratory infection. Do not go to work or school when sick, and do not take sick children to day care or to the grandparents. That way, you are helping protect the elderly and people who are susceptible to coronavirus because of their primary disease

Read here: Find the contacts of your nearest healthcare provider

  • You will be given instructions on the phone. In Kemi call Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital 016 243111 
  • Address: Kauppakatu 25, 94100
  • Do not spread the infection by seeking for help without getting instructions

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Take care of your hygiene

Wash your hands properly to stop the virus from spreading! Use soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds.

  • Before eating and cooking
  • When you come indoors
  • After coughing, sneezing and wiping your nose
  • After using the toilet and changing diapers
  • If you come in contact with an infected person
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands

Stop the virus – Cough and sneeze correctly

When you cough and sneeze, always use a tissue and throw used tissues accordingly to the bin

  • Use the upper part of your sleeve in case you are not in possession of tissues
  • Wash your hands in all circumstances and use hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth with a fabric or tissue when coughing not with your hands


Find your embassy and the contacts of foreign affairs here!