Icebreaker Sampo Cruises

This information includes important operative information for tour guides, -leaders and tour operators. Please read through carefully before arriving to Kemi.

Dear customer: Behind this link you will find information if you have booked directly from Experience365 webshop or via sales office.

Group arrivals and check in

All vehicles entering the Port of Kemi, where the Icebreaker is located, need to inform the registration number before arrival in order to get a permission to enter the area. More info and the link to the form is here. 

Everyone, also the groups, need to make the check in before the cruise in the SnowCastle area: Lumilinnankatu 15, Kemi. SnowCastle area is located in the city  centre and 15 kilometres, 15 minutes drive away from the Port of Kemi, where Sampo is located.

All customers need to be at the port at 8 am for the morning cruise and 12:30 for the afternoon cruise.

In the morning, the bus need to make a stop in the SnowCastle area, where the tour leader will meet with the guide from the Icebreaker to make the check in. The customers need to wait in the bus and the bracelets that operate as entrance tickets to the service will be given to the customers by the tour leader in the bus, while driving to the port. This will save you a lot of time.

In the afternoon, the groups should arrive to the SnowCastle area around 10.30 for check in, visiting the SnowExperience365 and for the lunch if it is included. Notice that the lunch is served in the SnowCastle area, Lumihiutale Restaurant, not on Sampo.

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus transportation is mandatory for all individual customer as access to the harbour is phohibited from private vehicles. 

Check the shuttle bus information from Kemi and Rovaniemi from the Icebreaker Sampo website. Pick up place is also mentioned in the confirmation.

Restaurant services

We serve lunch in the SnowCastle area. There is no lunch service in the Icebreaker Sampo during the winter 2022-2023. Lumihiutale Seaview Restaurant operates in the second floor of the SnowCastle365 main building. Lunch is served after the morning cruise or before the afternoon cruise in the SnowCastle area.

Hot welcome drink is served upon the arrival in the Icebreaker Sampo. The drink is included in the price.

There is a bar on board of the Icebreaker Sampo. You can enjoy drinks and snacks during the cruise.

You can also book Sampo Coffee Platter beforehand. It includes coffee or tea, juice and salted thin bread rolls. If you have booked the Luxury Cruise Package, you will have a private guide and you will be the first one in the ice floating event. You will be served with a piccolo bottle of  red wine/ white wine / sparkling wine, handmade local chocolate, meat, fish and vegetable cocktail bites.

Ice floating

Every one participating the Icebreaker Sampo cruise can join the ice floating event during the cruise. We also provided floating suits for children, min. height of 130 cm.

Safety first

We can only ensure the safety, if we do it together. So please when visiting us, arrive healthy. Let´s wash our hands and keep the distance to others.

Follow the safety instruction provided by our crew members and let´s guarantee a pleasent and fun experience to all.

Dress warmly, because the weather on the winter sea is cold and windy. Remember to have proper winter boots

Safety and weather conditions : 

The floating is operated according to the pre-bookings, when the wind and weather conditions allow the activity to be operated safely. For example strong wind or traffic by other vessels may delay or cancel the activity. The circumstances may vary during the season, and the final decision is made by personnel on board. If possible, we will contact the pre-bookers in advance, if the activity is to be cancelled due to a storm or similar reason.

Participants health and capability to take part in floating

Program services can be physically demanding and the participants may be exposed to vibrations. If the customer is having any type of health problems, including but not limited to, heart disease, back problems or similar, or if the customer is pregnant, they should contact prior the participation the medical experts to make sure whether the medical experts consider them to be able or not to participate. It´s the responsibility of the customer to consult Kemi Tourism Ltd. whether they are capable to participate on health or any other point of view.


Kemi Tourism Ltd. may only be held liable for personal injuries or material damage arising from  accidents that have happened during the delivery of the offered services and which are caused by negligence of Kemi Tourism Ltd. or its employees or sub-contractors or by the provision of faulty equipment. Kemi Tourism Ltd. is not liable for any accidental damage or injury which has to be indemnified under the travel insurance of a customer. Personal travel insurance is always highly recommended.

Please note:

You might get wet during the floating. The survival suit is water resistant and condition of the suits is checked after every swim. Wind or waves might splash some water to ones face, and it is possible that some water gets in to the suit. 

Running is not allowed when dressed in to the survival suits. The guide advices you how to move to the swimming dock and how to go to the water. Jumping is not allowed. The swimming / floating area is bordered by buyos. The guide will help you up from the water. Enter the dock only wearing a survival suit or life jacket.

Icebreaker Sampo Cruise

The Icebreaker Cruise includes 3,5 hour cruise on the frozen sea, ice floating experience, hot welcome drink, guided tour on the vessel and diploma. All cruise participants get also a free entrance to the SnowExperience365 in the SnowCastle area on the day of the cruise.

SnowExperience365 included

The entrance to the all-year-round SnowExperience365 exhibition with real snow and ice is included to Sampo Icebreaker guests on the cruise day.

From mid-January until mid-April (weather permitting) we also offer our Sampo guests SnowCastle Winter park where you can have plenty of SnowFun.

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