Icebreaker Sampo prepares for the next winter season

Icebreaker Sampo goes into dry dock 22nd of April. The vessel deported from Kemi this Tuesday and returns to it´s home port in Ajos, Kemi after few weeks. This is part of the vessel`s routine maintenance. Sampo is open on request for visitors and guided tours during summer and autumn. Cruise season starts again, when the sea ice starts to form in December. Fist cruise is planned for 21st of December.

Sampo was built in 1960 and it cruised for the first time in 1961. After serving for Finnish government in Icebreaking duties for 25 years it was bought by the City of Kemi. The mayor of that time had an unusual idea of transforming the Icebreaker into a tourist attraction. Since 1988 Sampo has been taking tourists for an amazing and unique sea adventure. Approximately 20 000 visitors annually board the vessel for cruising across the frozen sea during the winter months. The high light of this experience for many is floating among the ice chunks in the icy pool that the icebreaker makes when it stops in the middle of the ice field during the cruise.