Safe holidays

We are following the instructions and restrictions given by the officials and operate accordingly. We will open our services with thoroughly considered hygiene measures. We in Experience365 promise to protect tourists and workforce, while respecting public health rules and physical distancing measures. We promise that everything possible has been done to ensure that our visitors and staff will be as safe as possible. We will do our best to enable our guests to enjoy a restful and above all, safe holiday.

We can ensure the safety together, so please when visiting us, arrive healthy. Let´s wash our hands and keep the distance to others. We have improved and intensifyed our cleaning, we rae not crowded, there is plenty of space, so safety and tranquility is guaranteed. Traveller’s guide: Coronavirus safety Practical information for travelers to Finland during Corona pandemic Updates from the Finnish institute for health and welfare

Updated terms and conditions

Changes due to Covid-19 restrictions:

We understand that you may have doubts when booking your next trip due to the COVID-19.  Do not worry, book safely with us in our web shop. In case your travel is disallowed by government or other similar authority meaning that you are not either allowed to leave the origin country or not allowed to enter Finland we will offer you a possibility to postpone your reservation to later time period within one year from the original arrival date. Please notice that new arrival date is subject to availability. Notification of any changes to your travel plans due to restrictions must be delivered to us s by e-mail [email protected] within 24 hours after the restriction has been issued.

Consumer can change the dates of the order once without extra costs, if the Consumer or the party identified in the order is unable to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions (Covid-19 infection, quarantine or if the general travel restrictions of the Consumer’s and/or the Seller’s countries forbid traveling for leisure purposes between the countries). If the prices of the Services for the new dates differ from the prices in the original order confirmation, the difference will be refunded/ charged to/from the Consumer.

For more information on terms and conditions applicable to your booking, please see your booking confirmation. We highly recommend you ensure that you have a valid travel insurance that covers your expenses in surprising situations that are not possible to foresee. Since Covid-19 is no longer considered as a Force Majeure it does not automatically justify cancellation with refund.

Following guidelines and restrictions

Our SnowCastle365 main building is a spacious building designed in the modern way enabling our guests to enjoy their time here without worries. There is also plenty of space to arrange the tables respecting the restrictions by the officials. 

We have taken extra care of following actions to help control pandemic

  • Hand hygiene is especially important. Disinfectant is available in all our public spaces and entrances to our lobby, restaurant, and shop area. We also provide an opportunity for handwashing.
  • A safety distance of 1-2 meters is strictly adhered by our staff and very strongly encouraged for all patrons.
  • A protective face mask is required in all situations where the safety distance cannot be reliably held. 
  • A protective plexiglass is in use in where applicable, such as in our reception and bar desk.
  • We recommend the use of official COVID-19 tracking apps such as Koronavilkku.

Do not travel when sick

To assure the safety of your staff and guests, please do not come to our facilities when experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Even our staff is not allowed to come to work with any symptoms. More information on the symptoms can be found here. 

Public spaces

Public spaces are cleaned with extra care. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, table tops and card readers as well as sanitary spaces are disinfected with care.


In shared transfers passengers and drivers are required to wear a facemask. Disinfectant and masks are provided In vehicles. Frequently touches surfaces are disinfected with care.


Number of guests admitted to our restaurant and bar have been reduced. Safety distance is strictly adhered. When safety distance cannot be reliably adhered, face masks are required for everyone. 


Be one with nature

The Seaside Glass Villas in the SnowCastle Resort have a separate private entrance from the outdoors. Breakfast will be delivered to the villa before your arrival. Enjoy the pure and fresh sea air in peace and quiet.

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We strive for environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures every day of the year, in everything we do to make tourism more sustainable.

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