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Safe holidays

We are following the instructions and restrictions given by the officials and operate accordingly. We will open our services with thoroughly considered hygiene measures. We in Experience365 promise to protect tourists and workforce, while respecting public health rules and physical distancing measures. We promise that everything possible has been done to ensure that our visitors and staff will be as safe as possible. We will do our best to enable our guests to enjoy a restful and above all, safe holiday.

We can ensure the safety together, so please when visiting us, arrive healthy. Let´s wash our hands and keep the distance to others. We have improved and intensifyed our cleaning, we rae not crowded, there is plenty of space, so safety and tranquility is guaranteed.

Please read the practical information for travelers to Finland during Corona pandemic. 

 More updated information also from the Finnish institute for health and welfare .

New terms and conditions

We understand that you may have doubts when booking your next trip due to the COVID-19.  Do not worry, book safely with us in our web shop. If you will not be able to travel because of the COVID-19, we will rearrange your services with us. Please check our updated terms and conditions here.

Be on with nature

Book your stay in our Seaside Glass Villas. They are available since 1.7.2020. Our Glass Villas in the SnowCastle Resort are all private with a private and separate entrance from outdoors. Your breakfast will be delivered to your villa already before you check in. Enjoy the pure and fresh sea air,  the peace and quiet. The villas are situated by the sea and allow you to explore the surroundings easily by walking. The city centre, parks and old harbour are just a short walking distance away. 

Snow & ice experiences 365

SnowExperience365 is open from 1.7.2020.  Admire amazing ice sculptures, have fun in the ice slide even in the middle of summer. -5 C temperature every day of the year, 100 tonnes worth of ice scupltures in beautiful art is an impressive sight. Our restaurant services, Lumihiutale Seaview Restauramt and IceRestaurant365, will be open when the demand returns to an adequate level. Check here the other services in Kemi and all Sea Lapland area.

SnowCastle Sustainability

 Our Villas are made of Finnish log wood. The heating energy required for the properties is generated by geothermal energy. For cooling the premises, we use geo thermal cooling energy.  We are also a self-sufficient energy producer as we have the largest solar power plant in Lapland. We operate around the year. Read more about sustainability here.

Following restrictions

Our SnowCastle365 main building is a spacious building designed in the modern way enabling our guests to enjoy their time here without worries. There is also plenty of space to arrange the tables respecting the restrictions by the officials. We will not be serving food from buffets and take all safety matters into consideration. Book you stay with us now and if you will not be able to travel because of the COVID-19, we will rearrange your services.

How to arrive by train and bus

You can arrive to Kemi by train. Check the timetables and latest news about travelling in trains and safety matters here.

You can also travel to to Kemi and Tornio is by long-distance bus. You can find more information about bus schedules and prices in Finland on the There are connections from Helsinki to Kemi and Tornio, from Stockholm to Haparanda-Tornio (, from Alta, Nordkapp and Tromso to Rovaniemi (, from Murmansk to Rovaniemi ( From Rovaniemi you can take a bus or train to Kemi and Tornio.

How to arrive by car or by boat

Kemi is easily approached by car. City is by Nelostie E75 and easily visited when driving up north or heading more south. We are in the southern most part of Lapland byt the sea. Those arriving by boats can accomodate themselves in the beautiful guest harbour.

Enjoy the outdoors

You can explore the city of Kemi easily by walking. You can also join the organized tours to the nature and enjoy the water sport activities. Read more here. 

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