Arctic Wedding

Best Friends for Life
-Husband and Wife-

Arctic Wedding

Best Friends for Life
-Husband and Wife-

Arctic Wedding

Best Friends for Life
-Husband and Wife-

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Welcome To SnowCastle365 Weddings

Love and marriage in extraordinary environment!

Choose the wedding day of your dreams and we help you creating the most unique moments of your life! Our wedding packages that are suitable also for renewing your wedding wows.

Our all-year-round wedding locations and services are at your use! The winter season with crispy white snow and ice, summer with magical nightless night or late autumn with darkness, stars and northern lights – let the Arctic be part of your Wedding.

Our wedding coordinator helps you to plan and create the ceremony or even the whole wedding day – beginning from the arrangements, meals, accommodation and programme.


Only the Best

Arctic Wedding – a Day to remember

We offer many type of interesting wedding places at our service. Our fundamental goal is to grant you to treasure those moments for the rest of your lives.

Weddings in the SnowExperience365

Unique Wedding ceremonies in the true Winter Wonderland – Kemi SnowCastle. These amazing Ice Weddings are possible 4 seasons in Kemi SnowExprience365.

Availability: All-year-round

Wedding on the Icebreaker Sampo

This exclusive wedding package is for you  to experience the the complete luxury Icebreaker Cruise with your guests.  VIP-services for the wedding couple during the cruise: private guide and meal services, private transfer with Tesla to the Icebreaker.

Availibility: During Icebreaker Cruise season from late December to mid-April.

Seeking for the Northern lights – Wedding package

This 3-day-wedding package guarantees unique and everlasting memories in magical wonderland in Finnish Sea Lapland.

Availability: Late December – Mid-April

White Night Wedding

The White Night Wedding will be held on the Arctic Adventure Island near the city of Kemi, and the transfer to the island is made by boat(s) in the summer. After the ceremony the celebration continues with traditional summer delicacies and toasts, dance and joy – or even with swimming in the sea and relaxing in Finnish sauna! 

Availibility: June-August


Wedding on ice

Wedding location in front of the SnowCastle on the frozen sea. The path to your ceremonial site is lit with candles, combined with the natural elements of the season. Also a light hut “kota” is available to cover the wedding couple.

Availibility: from late December to Mid – April

Additional services

Choose from our Weekly program the most suitable arctic activities for you. Pick transfers from reindeer or Tesla rides to normal taxi transportation. Restaurant services, accommodation, hairdresser, make-up, bouquet of flowers, photographer, photographer for video-shooting etc. all can be arranged! Contact our wedding coordinator

Wedding Includes

You can choose the wedding feast and wedding night place accompanying with your wedding ceremony package as following.

Wedding Feast at IceRestaurant365

Enjoy a romantic dinner in the ice-adorned restaurant. You can also add drinks from handmade ice glasses to your experience.

A Wedding Night in the Seaside Glass Villas

Spend a night in the privacy of one of our Seaside Glass Villas with your love. Maybe you’ll even get to see the Northern Lights dance on the starlit sky.

Wedding Feast in the Lumihiutale restaurant

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two in the Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale. Taste authentic Sea Lapland delicacies with a modern twist in a full 3-course setting

Romantic night at the SnowHotel Suite

Spend an unforgettable wedding night in a SnowHotel suite built completely out of snow and ice and decorated with astonishing snow carvings.

Additional Services

Bridal Care

Let’s make your special day unforgettable together! Our bridal package is tailored according to your wishes. You can choose a facial or cosmetic treatment of your preference. The package also includes bridal makeup on the day of your ceremony and a trial makeup before the real deal. We also do bridal hairstyles!

Spa treatment

Sea Lapland Day Spa  treatmentsmainly use Finnish products of carefully selected professional series. We offer a special, unique experience and the opportunity to choose which season you want to experience.


Who can apply for Civil Ceremony?

  • Marriages in SnowCastle365 can be Civil or Religious.
  • We perform Civil Ceremony which means no religious content or either bride or groom does not belong to any congregation can be organized. The ceremony is held by an official representative of the City Administrative Court (magistrate) of Kemi.
  • Unique wedding rings made of ice (please note the rings are not tailor-made)
  • Two witnesses are needed in ceremonies.
  • Candles and Wedding music
  • Hot toast for the groom and bride
  • Bottle of champagne and ice shot from handmade ice cups served in the suite.

Who can apply for Church Ceremony?

  • Marriages in SnowCastle365 can be civil or religious.
  • We perform Church Ceremonies, both bride and groom have to belong to a parish. In addition, at least one has to belong to an Evangelic Lutheran  church, and the other to one of the following congregations: Anglican, Roman Catholic or Orthodox Church.
  • Ceremony held by the Snow Queen ( unofficial) or a chaplain of the Parish of Kemi or an official representative of the City Administrative Court (magistrate) of Kemi.
  • Two witnesses are needed in ceremonies
  • Blessing of the marriage can be arranged for couples already married. To perform a blessing of the marriage, a wedding certificate of the couple is required.
  • Candles and Wedding music
  • Hot toast for the groom and bride
  • Bottle of champagne and ice shot from handmade ice cups served in the suite.

What kind of wedding coordination we can expect from you ?

The type of ceremony that you please! You can pick up wedding package as you and your partners relationship want to exprience. SnowCastle365 wedding coordinator team is here to help you create a unique and unforgettable ceremony.


What documents should be prepared for the Ceremonies?

  • A certificate of non-impediment, proving that there are no legal impediments for the marriage.
    Please note: You can get a form from Kemi Tourism office to request for an examination of impediments to marriage in Registration Office. This paper has to have an Apostille (a stamp proving that the document is given by a legally authorised person) when it comes to the wedding. The examination of impediments to marriage is performed according to the Finnish law. The marriage is obtained according to the law of the home country of the couple.
  • The copies of passports of both bride and groom.
    Please note: The original passports need to be shown before the ceremony!
  • A surname information.
    Please note: The form can be obtained from Kemi Tourism office.
  • The documents proving that both bride and groom are members of a church if you want to apply for Church Ceremony.
    Please note: A certificate of baptism is not an official proof.

What language is required for documents?

All required papers are written in English have to be sent to the Kemi Tourism office at least one month in advance.

When do I have the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate (in English) will be given directly after the wedding.

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